About us

My name is Jasna Matjašič. I was born in August 1978. Since 2017, I have been mostly using my spiritual name, Sarvavarnadasi.

I am a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. My parallel education, persistent search and studies, at home and abroad, led me to the path of holistic family counselling.

I have successfully completed various trainings, including Marjan Ogorevc’s school of Karmic Diagnostics, Biorgonomy, and other holistic healing programs. At New School of Natural Healing, under the guidance of Beba Splichal, I have successfully completed the course in mentoring, including the method of Group Dynamics.

I am a therapist of Natural Healing, a Reiki master, a Bach’s Flower Essence Therapy consultant, a holistic therapist in modern Biotherapy, Karmic and Intuitive Diagnostics, a lecturer, and more. I provide Holistic Family Counselling. My work is based on methods that are friendly to the body, the soul, and the spirit.

I draw knowledge from traditional, holistic medicines (Chinese, Indian, Mayan, and Tibetan), and use a variety of methods, which I combine intuitively. I use both energetic methods (Reiki, Karmic Diagnostics, Bach’s Flower Essence Therapy, Group Dynamics, Colour Therapy, Integral Biorgonomy, etc.) and those that work primarily on the physical level (Herbalism, Hydrotherapy, Diet Therapy, Aromatherapy, etc.).

I identify the energy of the body and its biofield, thus exploring the thoughts and behavioural patterns that we use to navigate our lives. I help to identify the emotions that are so difficult to control.

I combine different methods and other approaches to ensure a healthy lifestyle. However, I am by no means against conventional medicine. I believe that sometimes we all find ourselves in a situation where we do not have other choice. That is when it is surely best to use conventional medicine and prescribed medications. We may relieve the physical symptoms using different approaches, but it is essential that we find the reason for the illness: the message that life itself is bringing to us with this situation. It is telling us that we have strayed from our true path of the Soul in some area of life. That is why I am in favour of a blend of conventional medicine and natural healing, working hand in hand – so-called Complementary Healing.