Colour therapy is based on the idea that colours, organs, vital functions, and energy are all interconnected. Each colour has its own characteristics and it emanates a certain frequency.

The healing power of colours stems from their electromagnetic effects, which can impact an individual’s energy state, as well as their mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Interestingly, the seven colours of the rainbow are also associated with the energy centres, known as chakras.

Exposure to sunlight is the most natural and effective colour therapy because all the colours are hidden in the sunlight and the individual receives everything he or she requires. 

When the body is exposed to the vibrations of colours, healing is initiated by supplying additional energy where there is a deficiency and reducing excess energy where it is present. Colours have the ability to balance and harmonize the body’s energy levels. The body gradually tunes into the frequency emitted by the colour. By choosing the right colour, we can balance the important energy centres and influence the individual’s psychological and physical state.

Colours can be selected intuitively, analytically, or systematically, or with the assistance of a COLOUR SPINE CHART, which provides information about the state of the body and mind and determines the use of the appropriate colour for healing.