Crystals impact us by emitting their unique frequencies, allowing us to resonate with their qualities and experience their effects.

Crystals are undoubtedly living minerals and they deserve to be treated with care and affection. As in any relationship, we can strengthen or “smear” our relationship with crystals, depending on our approach, behaviour, and intention. Crystals have an impact on us through their frequency that comes from their structure, colour and shape. When we get in contact with a crystal, its frequency is transferred to our energy field. The crystal awakens vibration within us so that we can resonate with its qualities. This can only happen if we are exposed to the crystal for a long period of time, if the crystal is large, powerful, and pure enough, and if our problems are not of a complex nature. The crystal always awakens the qualities it possesses. Whether we are able to manifest and live these qualities, is another matter.

Children are often very attracted to crystals. They can use them as desired without any problems or side-effects. Thus, they are often good companions and help with overcoming fears, calming down in the evening, teething, etc.

Crystals can also be programmed. They can be imbued with information that we want them to carry and spread to their surroundings, e.g., programming for healing, protection, attracting desired events, helping to achieve a particular goal, etc.

The first and basic rule is: when choosing a crystal for yourself, choose the one that appeals to you in some way, whether it is because of its colour, shape, structure, or beauty. Only in the second stage, when making your final choice, should you consider its characteristics. But remember that each crystal has many properties and a very wide range of functions. Do not be narrow-minded and do not categorise them unfairly.

Be careful when choosing, as there are also imitations, coloured crystals or foul crystals on the market. I suggest purchasing only from reputable stores.


If you are an amateur user, it is sufficient to cleanse the crystals before the first use. After that, occasional cleansing will suffice. Cleanse them especially of negative energies and vibrations that have built up during use. There are several ways of cleansing, but most crystal therapists recommend rinsing the crystal for a few minutes under running cold water.

The crystal can, but does not have to, be charged after cleansing. This can be done by placing it in the sun, under the (full or waxing) moon for 2−3 hours, or burying it in the ground to re-energise it with universal energy. In general, crystals that are sensitive to sunlight should be charged under the moon, while those that are sensitive to moonlight benefit from charging under the sun. Crystals with strong earth energy are best placed in the ground for charging.


– As pocket crystals or hand-held
– In jewellery
– Placed on a sore spot
– For preparing potions
– To balance the body by acting on the chakras
– In the living space
– For therapeutic purposes

Although crystals are widely used and have many healing and magical properties, crystals are quite simple and harmless to handle for anyone. There is no need to be afraid, you can hardly do anything wrong. Sensitive, unstable, and weak people are more likely to feel the good or harmful effects of crystals. It takes a lot of knowledge and practise to use crystals properly for therapeutic purposes. But do not worry, you can play, explore, and build your own relationship with crystals. It is your intention and your relationship with your chosen crystal that will first and foremost relax and energise you, and as a result your body will also benefit from the regeneration and effects of the crystal.