Each mantra has a distinct purpose and meaning, as well as vibration and healing effect. By repeating mantras, we vibrate with their frequency not only on a spiritual level, but also on the physical and molecular level!

In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, mantra is a sacred expression, a divine sound or syllable, a word, phoneme, or group of words with spiritual power. It transforms consciousness through meaning, tone, rhythm, and physical vibration. We repeat mantras to calm the mind and to connect with the heart and with the higher reality.

Mantras have an effect on our endocrine system, which regulates hormones, and on our parasympathetic nervous system, slowing down the heart rate and promoting self-healing.

Mantras provide protection both FOR and FROM our mind. They protect us from external negativity so that our minds remain positive, as well as from our own negative thoughts.

Mantra’s vibration cleanses us physically and energetically, awakening many qualities within us, such as peace, courage, love, compassion, and acceptance.

We can achieve a deep meditative state of connection with the Divine by repeating mantras. They can be repeated by recitation or chanting.

When we use mantras, we change in all aspects. These changes bring about equanimity, clarity of mind, joy, and contentment, among other things. Little by little, our life begins to improve and it becomes more positive in every way.

There are many mantras, and before we can actively use them, we must first understand the basic rules, which I am happy to teach you individually or in a workshop as part of the Project Mantra.