Addressing underlying issues

During our session, I help you understand the root sources of the difficulties you or your loved ones are experiencing, regardless of how they manifest. Together, we explore the causes and guide you towards transformation, clearing the energetic obstructions that hinder the free flow of life energy, health, and harmony.

Problems, in their essence, are energetic blockages that impede the natural flow of life energy, regardless of their outward appearance or level of impact. Through various approaches, I assist you in recognizing the true reasons and purpose behind the circumstances you are facing. I ensure that you confront the challenge and provide guidance for living a more harmonious life.

During our session, you can expect the following:

  • Gaining insight into the cause of the problem
  • Strategies for resolving and overcoming the problem
  • Receiving a message from life itself
  • Uncovering current illustrations of your subconsciousness, such as inherited or personal patterns, fears, and beliefs
  • Transforming subconscious programs and beliefs
  • Overcoming and releasing fears
  • Breaking free from limiting behavioural patterns
  • Receiving energetic support and guidance to release the energy flow and recreate balance
  • Connecting with the energy of life, unconditional Love, and Oneness
  • Receiving homework assignments to support your continued growth and progress

Energetic Biotherapy involves identifying the root causes behind the challenges experienced by ourselves, our children, or our pets, and providing effective solutions to address them. Viewing your biofield (energy field), I see these challenges on a subtle, mental-spiritual level. Interestingly, your lifestyle and the way you function, shows your underlying issues. The majority of issues are caused by our own unhealthy behavioural patterns, unconscious and conscious beliefs and thoughts, and the emotions we cling on. Such energy knots can be released, resulting in relaxation, inner tranquilly, and a clear conscience. Then and only then are we able to connect, accept, and fully love life.

No one can heal you permanently (you can have a support but you need to do it on your own), thus the main goal of my therapy approach is to help you embark on the process of self-healing. I never stray from what is currently in your best interest.

I assist you in understanding the source of the problem and the lesson life is trying to teach you through a special synthesis of several approaches. I make sure you truly get the message. I can assist in re-establishing the flow of life energy through a therapeutic transformational process. Another useful tool is homework, which offers guidance on how to put the insights into practise.

The Personalised Bach Flower Remedy Blend (link do Personalised Bach Flower Remedy Blend/Services) which makes it simpler to apply what you have learned to your daily life, can also offer additional support.
The treatment lasting up to 2 hours costs €160.
The cost of a therapy lasting up to 2 hours for a PARTNER COUNSELLING with both partners in attendance is €190.
The counselling and treatment for ANIMALS last up to 90 minutes and costs €150.