If you’re feeling a lack of strength, seeking energetic support can be highly beneficial.

I offer a range of support options, both in-person and long distance, providing you with an opportunity to feel more rested, relaxed, and experience inner peace as you continue your journey.

Here are the various forms of energetic support I provide:


Based on your overall energy levels, I create a personalised blend of flower essences tailored to your energy field. This unique combination gently communicates with you from within, helping you regain balance and feel like yourself again. You can place the order online and the entire communication can take place online.

REIKI Therapy: (€70)

Reiki healing session, conducted in person, lasts up to 45 minutes. Remaining fully clothed, you lie down on a comfortable massage table. I place my hands in different positions to influence the flow of energy. Clients often lose track of time and experience profound calmness. The therapy itself lasts for 30 minutes, followed by a brief discussion. To enhance energetic stability, it is advisable to schedule two more sessions within 14 days, which can also be conducted long distance.


Many individuals seek energetic support during challenging times or when they are feeling unwell and lacking energy. During these sessions, I focus on energy transmission and support your self-healing processes. I do not analyse your state or search for the cause of the problem. The energy support helps stabilise your energy more rapidly, gradually restoring the flow for your highest good.

Holistic energetic support is included in all individual sessions, whether conducted in person or online.

Furthermore, I provide two options for long-distance and one-on-one holistic energetic support:

Option 1: We agree on a specific date and time for a session. It is recommended that you find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted. Ideally, turn off your phone and internet. You can choose to sit or lie down comfortably, with your eyes open or closed. The energy session itself lasts approximately 20 minutes. Afterward, it is beneficial to relax for an additional 10 minutes, allowing the effects of the experience to be fully felt. It is not uncommon for people to fall asleep during this time. For regaining energetic stability, it is recommended to have three sessions over a 14-day period.

One-time support: €40

A package of support 3x: €100. (Na slo dokumentu so drugacne cene)

Option 2:

I also offer continuous support throughout the day, providing assistance whenever and wherever you need it. This option is particularly beneficial during times of energetic crisis, acute distress, or important events such as appointments, exams, visits to doctors or dentists, medical conditions, surgery preparations, post-operative recovery, or hospitalization. In addition, I offer energetic support to individuals or animals nearing the end of life. You simply need to express your desire to receive assistance, and no extra preparation is required.
Price: €50−100 per day, depending on your situation

I would be delighted to teach you the following techniques to help you BECOME MORE INDEPENDENT:

  • Reiki techniques – initiation into all levels (individually or in courses: link)
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation techniques
  • Calming techniques for the mind
  • Mantras (link Project Mantra)
  • Further methods for balancing and stabilising the energy fields