Do you ever feel like the problems you face are not just your own? That you carry the weight of someone else’s issues alongside your own?

Group dynamics is a therapeutic technique that involves working with a diverse group of individuals. Participants come together with a shared theme that aligns by the universal order. The workshop provides insights to everyone involved, regardless of their level of active participation. Individuals can choose to actively engage, observe, or even set the scene. Each person experiences exactly what they need to, and every experience is unique and liberating.


The background of group dynamics stems from the combination of Hellinger Family Constellations, Karmic Diagnostics, Usui Reiki, and Regression Therapy. Developed by Beba Splichal, therapist and founder of the New School of Natural Healing, this unique approach offers precise insights into the truth of a situation.

While there are other ways to gain insights, many people find that understanding and witnessing a situation in a Group Dynamics workshop is easier than solely hearing about it in a one-on-one holistic treatment. Seeing and feeling the truth simultaneously can enhance comprehension for some individuals, making this technique particularly valuable.

Information is most useful when it is fully accepted and understood.

In a Group Dynamics workshop, a small group of people comes together, and each participant engages at their desired depth, making the technique truly unique. The person who is addressing their own situation or problem primarily observes, witnessing the “drama” of their story and the dynamics between the characters. The setting speaks for itself, without an external narrator.

Group Dynamics brings together a random group of people connected by a driving/guiding theme.

I highly recommend this technique to everyone, especially if you:

  • Feel that explanations alone are not enough and prefer a visual and sensory experience
  • Seek resolution for a situation that appears unsolvable
  • Need to address foundational family constellations, particularly if there are recurring complications and challenges within family relationships
  • Have a complex family situation involving issues such as divorce, abuse, abortion, suicide, murder, or other sensitive matters
  • Are curious about the true nature of your relationships with others
  • Desire a deeper understanding of other participants in specific stories to gain better insight into them
  • Seek clarity on how others feel in order to guide your own path of change
  • Long for confirmation of the existence of something greater and higher, and wish to comprehend that every situation holds its own energy, purpose, and meaning
  • Desire a stronger connection to life and a better understanding of its flow

Participation in a Group Dynamics workshop brings insights to all participants:

  • Those who actively set their own “dynamic” in motion
  • Those who take on roles as representatives/actors for others in their settings
  • And those who simply observe the unfolding of the workshop

By engaging in this transformative process, individuals can gain profound insights and experiences that contribute to personal growth and understanding.

Those who are in a role of setting the dynamic, gain energetic understanding of the situation. Because they were able to witness how the mind works, they understand, see, and accept the truth more easily. The inner action that allows insight also allows for actual steps forward, and the person can decide for themselves, which burdens to put down and which to carry forward into life.

Those who play a part do not truly play that part. It is like putting on someone else’s clothes. They simply enter the story, live it, and feel what is going on in the other person. They are fully aware that they are a medium. Because they do not lose touch with themselves at any point, they simply step out of other person’s story. They gain an understanding of the other person’s experience and, as a result, develop compassion.

Observers can also find a piece of themselves or their own situation in each Dynamics. It makes it easier for them to accept it and avoid repeating it. They can see the light at the end of the tunnel after laying down some of the burden.

Whichever role you play, or simply observe, the learning is intense.

All the participants are linked in some way. The more the person in the role of setting the dynamic wants to see the depth of the situation they are in, the more will be revealed to the person acting the role. This is because everything is happening in the quantum field of Oneness. My job as a medium is to allow the energy to pass through so that the actors can suddenly feel, perceive, think, and physically sense the person they are portraying.

We all become mediums and my role is to facilitate the story. Following the spiritual laws, I seek the truth and the highest good for all involved. The group that forms is always the perfect and the feeling is always genuine. No one is guilt feelings involved and each experience is unique.

In Group Dynamics, I look for the energy flow. I follow that energy and look for anything that is blocking the flow. (In life, we are most closely connected by love.)

Something may be in the way between the two people and that is blocking the love to find the way between them. When we are unable to accept something, it usually becomes an obstacle. However, if we can see something and thus accept it, we can remove that obstacle.

Seeing and accepting the truth, even if it is not what we want or expect, liberates us.

We can feel our true self and say: “I’m well.” When we do this, we connect with the love within and we can feel it. Only then can we show it to someone else and are also able to accept it. Life becomes richer, fuller, more joyful, and glorious.


GROUP DYNAMICS workshop employs energy techniques that heal relationships. It is based on the phenomenon of energy fields within a group of people. It allows life situations to play out as they are. No buts, no masks, no games. The (often invisible) true core can thus be revealed.

Your change has an impact on others. When you change, so does your relationship with the other person. When that relationship changes, so does the other person as well as their attitude towards you.

If you are a parent who has come primarily for the benefit of your children, this will have a profoundly freeing impact on their lives. They will be able to step forward in their life because you will not be burdening them with your unresolved issues.

When you clarify the fundamental model with your father and mother, you always learn something new about yourself!

The depth of your experience in Group Dynamics depends on how deeply you dare to relax and let go of your ideas so you can fully experience the situation. Even just the courage to look in the depth of ourselves brings great changes.

We can feel our “wings spreading” if we take even just one step beyond our limits.

Clients often expect that the Group dynamics setting will comfort them. It never does. In fact, it frequently hurts because it shows exactly what we are avoiding and what we do not want to see. The relief and pleasure come later as a result of honesty and truth. That is when we reclaim our strength.

It matters, how we live. If we live honestly, according to our own convictions, and we are happy with who we are, then we have no problem despite all the challenges.

Group Dynamics demonstrates what is essential in life and how simple life truly is.