Holistic counselling incorporates techniques for your physical body and the level of your energy. We address the underlying reasons of a certain issue or situation. The synergy of all the techniques, when used in given combinations, offer a deeper and long-lasting help.

If you are not sure what you need or where to begin, I analyse all the levels of your consciousness, providing findings and solutions for your progress. Options I recommend are Physical Support or Energetic Biotherapy to address underlying issues.

I strongly believe that there is no universal method that can be applied to every individual and every situation. My approach draws from my extensive experience in successfully assisting clients through various practices such as Karmic Diagnostics, Biorgonomy, Family Constellation Therapy, Reiki, and the PEAT method. In addition, I frequently incorporate techniques from traditional medical practices of both Indian and Chinese origin, Bach’s Flower Essence Therapy, Steiner’s Anthroposophy, different forms of meditation, Aromatherapy, and Phytotherapy.

I provide personalised guidance on nutritional adjustments tailored to your needs, identifying foods that are not beneficial for you and suggesting the ones that are most suitable. I also recommend natural remedies that align with your body’s requirements. If necessary, I utilize a pendulum as an aid during the session. Each time we meet, I guide you in addressing your limitations so you can develop a deeper acceptance of yourself and overcome the obstacles.

Holistic (comprehensive) approach to treating people is based on:

  1. Thorough analysis for finding and addressing the cause of a particular problem, condition, or illness (mental-spiritual level)
  2. Energy support of the person
  3. Thorough analysis for finding the effective support of the physical body

One session of holistic counselling lasts up to 2 hours and is fully individualised. According to your imbalances, we focus on addressing the underlying issues or support your physical body.

I help you on physical, mental, or spiritual level – depending on what you currently need for your progress. It is crucial that you explain why you have come to me or what you need and expect from your visit. All difficulties usually cannot be resolved in a single session. I recommend a treatment strategy that will enable you to choose where you would like to start based on your challenges and preferences. However, people frequently leave it up to me to decide where to start.

During the session, we examine and talk about natural, holistic ways to assist your body. We can also address the underlying reasons that are causing the issue. Every one-on-one session includes my energetic support.

I don’t do the work instead of you, but I teach you how to effectively help yourself and reconnect to Life. Therefore, your progress doesn’t depend on me. Those that follow the recommendations, report positive outcomes and their issues are getting resolved.

One session is typically sufficient to initiate a life-changing impact, regardless of the magnitude of the challenge you’re facing.

If my analysis shows significant physical and energetic imbalances, I recommend scheduling two appointments within a span of 3-6 weeks.

Furthermore, I provide monthly meetings for clients who wish to have regular sessions (link – our individual mentorship program).

The impact of the session remains consistent, whether it’s conducted in person or completely online.

For minors, only parents/guardians are present during the session, while Jasna establishes a connection with the child on an energetic level.

The price of a treatment up to 2 hrs is €170.