Internal mapping gives you a map of conscious and subconscious patterns, perceptions, fears, and compensatory mechanisms that are currently active. It includes Personalised Bach Flower Remedy Blend to help you with your inner changes.

If we want to make progress in life, it is always helpful to understand our inner processes that are currently present. By viewing your biofield, your energy field, I can see and help you understand your inner map. In order to overcome your obstacles, you must first become aware of them. Only when you become aware of and fully accept our auto pilot behaviour, do you have the opportunity and transformative power to change. As part of the treatment, you will also receive your Personalised Bach Flower Remedy Blend, which will last about a month. Your active participation, together with the support your Personalised Blend offers, ensure inner transformation.

40-minute session – €65

Sessions can be held in person or online.