I offer comprehensive support for your physical well-being by evaluating your body’s condition through an examination of your biofield. Based on this assessment, I provide personalised and gentle natural treatments that work synergistically to help rebalance your body.

Physical support, known as synergistic systemic support for the body, is recommended in the following situations:

  • You desire to strengthen your body and improve your overall physical condition
  • You seek to understand the holistic internal state of your body, rather than focusing solely on individual organs
  • You are interested in effective preventive measures for maintaining good health
  • You faced specific health challenges or chronic issues
  • You experienced a series of interconnected health concerns
  • You are unsure which supplements would best support your body
  • You are uncertain what dietary choices would meet your individual body’s needs
  • You have doubts about your current eating habits
  • You are seeking recommendations to enhance your diet


The physical support provided through biofield insight includes the following:

  • Determining imbalances within the body
  • Analysing vitamin and mineral levels
  • Evaluating your current dietary practices
  • Offering natural suggestions and recommendations to restore harmony within your body


If necessary and for an additional charge, I can provide advice on and preparation of:

  • Personalised Bach Flower Remedy Blend (link)
  • Personalised Herbal Blend (link)
  • Hydrotherapy (link)




Whether it’s in person, via email, phone, or through a video call, we engage in a thorough discussion about the challenges you are facing.

  1. MY EXAMINATION AND MEASUREMENTS (usually done long distance)

To accurately assess your body’s condition, I conduct a comprehensive analysis. Through an examination of the biofield and up to 108 body parameters, I precisely determine the state of your body. This includes identifying organs experiencing energetic tension, evaluating the adequacy and balance of your diet, assessing hydration levels, immune function, gut flora, acidity, mucus levels, toxin levels, as well as detecting any vitamin and mineral deficiencies and evaluating the performance of various organs.


We meet in-person or via Zoom, where I provide counselling tailored to your specific needs.

Based on my findings, I offer recommendations for necessary adjustments, supplements, and other tools that work synergistically to support your body at all levels. Following the suggested regimen, the combined effect of these elements is more powerful than using them individually. They act as catalysts, accelerating the process of self-healing. These adjustments may involve dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, or the incorporation of specific supplements, practices, or activities that have a positive impact on the physical body.

After our session, it is crucial for you to follow through and implement the suggested changes in order to experience improvements in your health and overall well-being.

The methods I recommend are natural and selected with a holistic perspective on your physical well-being. These approaches aim to support the body in rebalancing itself. The natural devices we utilize are completely safe and do not cause any harm. They gently facilitate the self-healing process, requiring a degree of patience and trust. As balance is restored, symptoms typically diminish. Moving forward, it is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In my practice, I often recommend certified organic and locally sourced products. I have a preference for utilizing herbs, spices, personalised herbal blends, oils, nutritional supplements, acupressure techniques, essential oils, and water for therapeutic purposes. These natural remedies offer a harmonious approach to promoting wellness and vitality.

In addition to physical support, we often need to address the UNDERLYING ISSUES (energy biotherapy -link) in order to achieve long-lasting effects. Physical imbalances are often a mirror of our mental and emotional challenges.

We offer two options of support. Consulting time varies between the two but the scope of the analysis is the same.

Option 1:

– Thorough understanding of body functions; comprehensive analysis
– Detailed explanation of the outcomes
– Assistance in comprehending how the organism functions as a whole

– Suggestions for practical and efficient support measures
– Follow-up examination after one month

Suitable for the first session if you are not familiar with my work, concepts, explanations, and have:

– Significant bodily imbalances

– Complex conditions
– Recurring issues
– Acute conditions
– Chronic ailments
– Feeling trapped in a cycle of health challenges

The treatment lasting up to 2 hours costs €160. The price includes the follow up session.

Option 2:

– Thorough examination of body functions; comprehensive analysis
– Suggestions for practical and efficient support measures

Suitable for clients who are familiar with my work, have no significant issues, and:
– Feel the need for guidance to restore balance in the body

– Want preventive insight and advice, e.g., before winter

– Want an extra follow-up
The treatment lasting 30 minutes costs €80.