You two are not a couple by accident. Partnership, with all of its difficulties, presents opportunities for inner growth and progression in the direction of your heart.

Furthermore, the purpose of relationships is to learn from one another and to grow together. Naturally, this is where the relationship takes centre stage. The goal for the couple is to find a home and learn to walk through life together. In order for this to happen, both parties need to open their hearts. When the heart is open, the other person can feel accepted and understood. The couple needs to practice honesty, generosity, and considerations for others. We must develop our ability to listen, communicate, and make wise decisions.

I find the reasons why couples cannot hear each other. I examine how well each of them is playing their role and point out the unused potential of each partner. Therefore, they both learn to contribute to the partnership so it can improve and turn into cooperative relationship. Partnership always reaches a point when both parties need so know what they cannot see, understand it, and learn to function differently, if they are to stay together. These challenges lead to inner growth. Relationship cannot last without the truth.

Each relationship is different and I treat each couple individually. I offer Private Partner Counselling and Group Dynamics Workshop with individual treatment. Generally, a single visit is enough for deeper understanding and notable shifts in a relationship.