Essential oils should not be used on a regular basis because of their extreme potency. They affect us on the invisible, energetic levels. Therefore, they should only be used when we truly need them.

The usage of essential oils is thoroughly studied in the field of aromatherapy. Any application of an essential oil that benefits the user is known as aromatherapy. Essential oils are fragrant concentrated volatile liquids that are derived from various plant components. Since the beginning of time, they have been used to treat disease, enhance psycho-physical well-being, calm anxiety, broaden perception, and induce trance. I suggest you start using essential oils gradually and seek professional advice or thoroughly educate yourself about their use, since using them can be hazardous for those who are not experienced.

Essential oils have a holistic impact on people, affecting:

– The physical level – they can change physical conditions

– The emotional level – they influence emotions, feelings, and moods

– The mental level – they affect learning, concentration, and thinking skills

– The spiritual level – they can help us connect to the Divine by cleansing our energy field

The majority of essential oils should not be consumed, but those that can be, must be exceptionally pure and of the highest quality. They should almost never be applied to the skin undiluted as some of them can seriously harm mucous membranes and skin. Most essential oils should not be used for children, and pregnant women should typically avoid using essential oils or do so with extreme caution.

It is crucial that they be of the finest quality. Storage method is just as important as their production and processing. High quality oils will provide better support. Anyone interested in the therapeutic benefits of essential oils should fully disregard synthetic and substandard essential oils as they have no healing value.

Essential oils should be handled carefully and in accordance with the general recommendations and directions on the label, since they are potent concentrations of the essence of fragrant plants. It is important to use the correct number of drops. Just a few drops too many can have the opposite impact from what essential oils are intended to do. The most popular uses for essential oils at home are for inhalation and massage. They may also be used for baths, although I prefer herbal baths. Herbal baths are extremely beneficial, simple to make, and have no side effects. They are particularly helpful for infants, children, and pregnant women.

Essential oils can be used:
– As a supplement to massage oils (the correct and appropriate concentrations for each age group are very important)
– As a room freshener
– As cleaning supply
– In cosmetics
– For disinfection
– For healing
– Added to baths
A few pure organic oils can be used to season meals, desserts, beverages, etc.

Follow your intuition when selecting an essential oil because they can also convey a message to our soul. They might also cause a rebound effect if they awaken our unresolved issues. In this situation, I can analyse the cause of your reactions and offer solutions. You will understand what patterns and ways of thinking this essential oil is activating in you and have a clear idea of how to overcome them (Energetic Biotherapy – Addressing Underlying Causes).

Although essential oils are safe for babies, due to children’s natural heightened sensitivity, the quantity of drops and, more importantly, the quality of the oil, are crucial factors. As a holistic family counsellor, I have a lot of experience working with children. In my opinion, children should only be treated with essential oils when it is really necessary, because of their outstanding strength and mode of action, and especially because they also operate on subtle, energetic levels.

Babies and young children typically respond very well to milder treatments and do not require strong intervention, because of the simplicity of their illnesses. For respiratory issues or for improved sleep, I would advise against using essential oils too frequently. The use of just essential oils is insufficient for more complicated or long-lasting issues. In that case, the body needs the holistic support of the entire organism.

Some tips

There are a few essential oils that are beneficial for pregnant women. You can use them in oil burner or add them to the massage oil. I recommend rose, chamomile, coriander, rosewood, patchouli, and sandalwood, among the essential oils that have a general calming effect. Additionally, you can use all citrus fruits, anise, fennel, hyssop, lemongrass, and cumin. Rose and clary sage are excellent for starting labour and giving birth. 

I recommend a few essential oils for children. For calming effect and sleep aid, I most frequently suggest chamomile; lavender is suitable for older children. You can use rose for harmonising the energy, and tea tree, thyme, eucalyptus, and pine for respiratory issues.

Add a few drops to the water. Top the water up when needed. It is important to take into consideration the size of the room. You can use up to 3 drops for a smaller space, while you can use up to 5 drops in a bigger room. You can use up to 8 drops of citrus oils, but keep in mind that they provide freshness and clarity. For good night sleep, use fewer drops in the evening, so the fragrance does not take over. Keep in mind that even after we can no longer smell the essential oil directly, its information still lingers in the space for a while.