The right combination of herbs demonstrates the old saying that there exists a plant for every illness.

Traditional herbalism has evolved into its modern form known as phytotherapy. In my practice, I utilize traditional herbalism, which, like its contemporary counterpart, involves the use of medicinal plants—either the whole plant or specific parts. Herbs, being a product of intelligent nature, possess numerous beneficial properties that aid in disease prevention and healing. The most common forms of herbal preparations include teas, spices, macerates, tinctures, essential oils, syrups, and herbal baths. However, the phytotherapeutic effects can also be harnessed through tablets or capsules.

Slovenia has a rich heritage in herbalism. The correct utilization and combination of herbs and herbal products can awaken the body’s dormant abilities of stimulating, aiding, and expediting the self-healing processes. This occurs naturally, spontaneously, and without harmful effects when utilizing high-quality herbs. There is no need to hesitate to use herbs, even if you are not familiar with them. The easiest way to familiarize yourself is to employ them promptly when a problem arises.

For babies and toddlers, I suggest herbal baths as a beneficial option. As for adults, I recommend the use of tinctures and teas.

Herbal products can be used as a stand-alone component of your treatment. However, I recommend Holistic Counselling on the physical level and, if necessary, Energetic Biotherapy – Addressing Underlying Issues  to work with the causes on mental and spiritual levels. If you need to strengthen your body, use high-quality herbal blends that have a broad effect. You can also order a personalised herbal blend; I create them based on the information I get from viewing your biofield, aiming to support and balance your current physical condition. This personalized blend strengthens bodily functions and addresses imbalances. It serves as prevention for individuals experiencing significant physical stresses (such as athletes), specific health concerns, or various life stages (babies, children, pregnant women, adults, the elderly), promoting overall well-being. It can assist with a wide range of issues that may arise throughout your life.

Herbs grown locally, seasonally, organically, and, even better, biodynamically, harvested in harmony with Live’s energies, and processed with love, are the ones that can truly help us. I prepare individualised herbal blends in the form of teas or tinctures in collaboration with the renowned organic herbalist Patricija Šenekar (House of Herbs) to support or improve health.