Hydrotherapy utilizes water as a conductor of heat or cold in diverse processes to trigger physiological responses.

Hydrotherapy is a cornerstone of natural healing. It is a natural method that employs various forms of water (ice, liquid, and vapor). Water has been used since ancient times for healing, purification, revitalization, pain relief, and strengthening the body.

Traditional natural healing methods have included sweat lodges, baths, herbal compresses, healing springs, hot stones, moxibustion, and spices for temperature-regulation. 

Optimal bodily function relies on a specific temperature. If the organism is too cold, that is much more harmful than brief temperature spikes.

A change in body temperature indicates that something is out of balance inside your body.

“Give me the power to create a fever, and I shall cure any disease.” – Hippocrates

Names such as Paracelsus, Priessnitz, and Kneipp must undoubtedly be listed alongside Hippocrates in the long line of people who have studied the effects of water and relied on natural healing. Using the science of warming and cooling the body, Irma Bembič (Slo) developed the method of thermoregulation that addresses the concepts of restoring the body’s thermal equilibrium.

Body heat should be supported and balanced. It is essential to our physical stability and, consequently, to our health. The body’s thermal dynamics are the slowest to stabilize after exercise, stress, or disease, and the first to deteriorate, often preceding the manifestation of illness symptoms. We can prevent many difficulties and diseases if we support the body’s thermal system at the appropriate time and in the proper manner.

Balancing the body temperature has multiple benefits, including strengthening the organism, enhancing the immune system, improving physical strength, expediting healing, and promoting stability during the recovery stages of various illnesses. It is especially effective for children and for a variety of respiratory problems (coughs, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, etc.), and it helps regulate acidity in the body. Proper combination of baths is of paramount importance.

When hydrotherapy is used as a preventive measure, the combination of treatments is less crucial. If you understand a few fundamental rules of thermal therapy, you can experiment and see the miracles caused by water of certain temperature.

The combination of treatments is crucial when employed for curative reasons. Using the information, I get viewing the biofield (energy field) of a child or adult, I remotely monitor and recommend optimal support with water to stabilise and establish balance more rapidly. The body naturally self regulates the temperature and the procedures I recommend, speed up the process. The implementation is both very simple and highly effective.

Children usually enjoy playing in water hence the hydrotherapy strategy is not only successful for children, but it’s also fun. In a usual household, we generally have all the needed tools: water, a basin, a bath, a shower, a thermometer, soap, and a lemon. You only need the instructions for specific circumstances.

We can only expect long term results if we offer the body Physical Support as well as Energetic Biotherapy – Addressing Underlying Issues. Many physical imbalances are often rooted in mental and emotional distress, manifesting as bodily symptoms.